3、Getting Started

1、Create Wallet

1) Supports the creation of wallets with personal email addresses, and also supports the import of private keys or mnemonic words into wallets.

2) When creating a wallet for the first time, you must set a transaction password

- The password will be used for the verification of transaction transfer and transaction verification when using various DApp applications

- The password requires 8-14 digits and supports numbers + upper and lower case letters

- The transaction password cannot be retrieved or modified

3) It is strongly recommended to back up the created wallet to prevent losses and ensure the quick recovery of the wallet in the event of device replacement and misoperation

- Pallet adopts cloud disk backup and “mailbox + cloud disk” recovery method, saving you the trouble of remembering private keys

- Cloud storage supports Google Drive and iCloud

2、 Manage wallets

1) Each wallet is an account, which can contain multiple different networks

- Switch between multiple wallets and networks at the top of the wallet page.

- You can add/delete wallets at any time, and name each wallet as you deem fit (not more than 15 characters), which is convenient for multi-asset management requirements

3、Recovery wallet

1) When you change the device, forget the password, etc., you can use the mailbox + cloud disk to fully restore your wallet

- Support multi-cloud disk backup and multi-cloud disk restore

4、Using the wallet

1) Supports token add, view, transfer, and query

- Add tokens by directly searching for currency name or contract name

- Supports token “transfer in” and “transfer out” functions, and gas fees can be customized for the “transfer out” function

- View the transfer history

2) Support for NFT viewing and transfer

- Supports automatic addition of NFTs under the address and viewing of NFT details

-Supports NFT transfer, and can set the gas cost of the transfer

5、Using Swap

Supports mainstream currency exchange and cross-chain swaps, alongside viewing all exchange history records.

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