2、What is MPC wallet?

Secure Multi-Party Computation, or MPC for short, is also known as SMPC. MPC ensures that you can use it while remaining invisible throughout the entire process, from private key generation to usage and storage. We utilize MPC to transform a single private key into distributed private key shards, effectively eliminating the risk of a single point of failure of a private key, while allowing multiple individuals on a team to co-manage assets. MPC works by splitting the traditional private keys into multiple pieces, distributing them in multiple places to ensure no one person has full access to the traditional private key. The major advantage here is that the private key is always used in a distributed manner. When a transaction signature is required, the parties involved in order to separately run a computation to make whatever you wanted to happen on the blockchain. The best part of this process is no single entity can ever get access to any private key: There is no single point of vulnerability. Even if an attacker tried to get access to one of the two shares, they can’t access all of the ‘secret shares’ simultaneously, making your digital assets much safer than in the traditional private key architecture.

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